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Garages are one of the best places invest in the value of your home because this is a very inexpensive area to have painted.  Your gain in home value will likely far exceed the amount you pay to have it painted.

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Garage BEFORE....

Before Painting

Garage AFTER....   This is the very SAME garage several hours later....

After Painting

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PEGBOARD WALL: We can also add a custom shaped pegboard for you to hang your tools on, for only $12 per square foot on average.  This is a truly convenient way to store your tools and extras without a bulky sheving unit or cabinets.  A 4X4 basic panel would only be $192 for a standard installation, available in white or brown, or can be painted to match the wall for an added cost.  There are many options available.  We also do other custom garage work including EMP protection and install shelving or cabinets.